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Monday, 16 May 2011

About me

 Portrait taken by Dstel on 1972 nikomat camera

Having realised that I have never really written about myself and my work this is a kind of introduction to me and it.

I have had a long standing interest in making and textile techniques.  As a child I spent most of my time with my grandparents, painting, sewing, dying, gluing and generally making stuff.  I went on to spend  few years working in a bookshop as I figured out what I wanted to do as an adult.  I decided to undertake a foundation year, studying textiles at an adult college then I went on to study textile design for my BA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London.  For my 3rd year projects I worked mainly in wood, first creating some small scale interior pieces for windows from veneers, and then creating some conceptual floor coverings, working within a framework I created about Slow Design.

My interest in the environmental impact of textile design (and of design in general) led me on to thinking about ways of working in a healthier manner.  I started experimenting more with wood work and using my textile training to help me with pattern and colour designs.  I now use these ideas to decorate my work, creating intricate patterns and dramatic colour splashes.  I exhaust my dyes so there is a very minimal amount of chemical wastage, and I use eco-friendly dyes in the first place.  I mainly use reclaimed and recycled wood from a couple of carpenter friends and leftovers form my degree project.  This summer I hope to earn more about casting my own silver etc so I can start to use recycled silver too.  At the moment I use silver from a shop in London.  I hope to make work that one can enjoy for a long time, meaning that less goes to landfill.

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